100 Followers for $1 // 7-Day Trial

100 Followers for $1 // 7-Day Trial

1.00 899.00

Inside 7 Days We Will:

  • Grow you 100 real followers in your target market who love what you do.

After You Sign-Up For $1:

  • Check your email to onboard your account with us.

After The 7 Day Trial Ends & We Have Grown Your Account 100 Targeted Followers:

  • Email us hello@kgrow.co within 48 hours to cancel your subscription & keep the 100 followers OR we will move you onto our monthly subscription of 1000 Followers for $899.

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The K-Grow Starter Package will:

  • Give you a REAL person to contact to answer your questions

  • Allow you to see the analytics to ensure that our targeting is right

  • Keep your account safe from being blocked

  • Make it easy for you to set up and get started

  • Get you results by only target Instagram users who match your description (Gender/Age/Location/Interest)

  • Save you time by Liking, Following, and Unfollowing based off your preferences

Meet the team of REAL people working on your behalf

Between them they've worked with many accounts and gained hundreds of thousands of targeted followers for our clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this cost me anything?

Just $1, that's it! 

Do you need my Instagram account password?

Yes. Otherwise we cannot work upon your behalf. We keep your password secure, and if you choose to stop using our service we will delete all of the details we had about your account.

Can I delete my account before the end of 7th day of the trial and keep the followers?

Yes, you can cancel your account anytime before the end of the 7th day of the trial and keep your followers but we’ll be sorry to see you go :(

Do you offer other packages?

Yes. We can grow your account up to 3000 targeted followers per month. We will offer you the ability to upgrade your service after the 7-day trial

Who Does The "Liking" on my behalf?

We partner with Kiteka,  the first all-female, all-mobile digital outsourcing network. Your branded Instagram account will have two dedicated team members working in partnership. They will do all of the "Likes, Follows, and Unfollows" on your behalf based off the criteria you provide us in the survey you fill out when you purchase one of the Follower Packages above. You can read more about our partnership with them here.

Can My account be blocked?

Our staff are trained to stay within the engagement limits that Instagram allows, plus we only target people who have been identified as being relevant to your account, that means you won't come across as spammy.

What if you like or follow someone weird?

Our team are highly trained so this is unlikely to happen, especially once they work on your account for more than one week but It's possible, however, a Like or a Follow are not tattoos so they can easily be removed.


Why is it just $1?

We only charge $1 for the trial because we want to earn your trust.

Getting you 100 followers actually costs us almost $100 but we offer you this deal in the hope that you'll be so impressed with our work that you will continue with our fully-paid monthly subscription of 1000 followers for $899.

How do I cancel?

By emailing us using the address sent to you when we you signed up.

How much is the usual subscription?

Our monthly starter package is $899 for 1000 targeted followers. 

Can't I just do this myself?

If you have 20 hours per week that you can spend on Instagram then maybe you could do this yourself, but it would take you months to learn the strategies we have created which result in high follow-backs.

How do you get new followers?

Most simply we look through your competitors, your peers, and other relevant Instagram accounts to identify people who match your criteria and then we use a special strategy of Liking and Following to draw their attention to your account. Then, if our team has targeted the right people, and your account appears active and interesting it's highly likely that these people will convert into being new followers. 

What is in the reports?

Each week we collect all of the data available to us through your Instagram Account's inbuilt analytics (if you have a business account). Then your Account Manager (Our team member) will formulate this data into easy-to-understand charts that show you the progress made, and work done on your Instagram account so you can make better decisions and relay important information to others in your business.

...and some FAQs about payments etc.

Do you offer discounts for NGO's?

Yes! We’re happy to offer NGOs 10% off the price of your subscription.

What payments do you accept?

We support all credits cards (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Maestro). We will soon offer PayPal and allow you to pay with Bitcoin through Bitpay.  For annual plans contact us directly to discuss using wire transfer / purchase order. 


Got a different question?

Then contact us here.