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Why You Need To Be Smart With Your Hyper-Link

Hyperlink’s you know the url floating around in everyone’s Instagram bio? Yeah that’s something you need to think about. All they do is take you from Instagram to a web address, usually a brand will put their website in the bio BUT they can be used for more.


Hyperlink’s are great for pushing people towards an offer, a blog post, a newsletter or a contest that you are running. All you need to do is replace the link in your bio and refer your followers to click the link using copy that say’s “check the link in our bio” or “head up to our bio for more”. We recommend using a shortened link like a or Clickmeter as they are easier on the eye and allow you to track engagement.

it’s worthwhile changing your account over to a business account if you plan on using Instagram for sales and marketing. This allows you to connect with customers, access analytics (such as when your audience is online) and use hyper-links in your stories. This means you can direct customers to your webstore from you IG stories and make sales or email signups.
To change over to a business account check out our recent blog post on the set up here.

Andrew Green