Why You'll Never Grow Without Community Management

For those new to the concept of community management, it is the term used to describe the follow/unfollow strategy that has been used by influencers and brands to gain thousands of followers. It has come under fire in the past as Instagram users have complained about being followed multiple times by the same account. Our service K-Grow has developed a tool that ensures we only follow an account once within a six month period, meaning we avoid the whole scenario.

Community management is consistent, that’s why people use it, rather than pour money into digital advertising with no measurable return, people know that a healthy community management strategy ensures steady growth, meaning you can hit your yearly follower targets. It’s like the old turtle vs the hare story, The hare dashes off using all of its energy (advertising) and retiring before the race is over leaving the slow turtle to end up in front winning the race. (K-Grow)

Now community management isn’t that slow, with K-Grow we can gain an account up to 2000 followers per month depending on the account strategy (content style, copywriting, post frequency etc) and product.

Once you have a clear strategy and are posting regularly we recommend running community management. This is like a knock on the door for potential followers, all you are doing is saying hello, we like what you're about and check out our account.  If you have gone to all the effort of creating a beautiful product then it deserves to be seen. There is roughly a 7:1 follow back ratio, meaning that if our team follows 700 people we should receive around 100 followbacks.

How: How do I get this happening you ask?

Easy, we (K-Grow) are currently offering 100 new followers for $1 trial. Meaning that across a seven day period we will Grow you 100 real followers in your target market who love what you do. Simply click the link below, fill out the form and we will get it happening!

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Andrew Green