Is it worth switching to a Instagram Business account?


Why You Should Use A Business Account

An Instagram business account is awesome for businesses and brands who want to use the platform for more than just posting pretty images and stories. But why you ask? Because, it gives you access to unique analytics not available on a personal account. Information about followers, post engagement, audience insights and more, see below.


Instagram’s business set up also allows you to advertise, they regularly inform you about your best engaging posts and ask you to promote. You can promote any post for any amount of budget and target a selective audience. This is a handy feature but some think it has become detrimental to a brands natural engagement.

Why? Well if you change to the business account your notifying Instagram of your intentions (to get your product seen and heard), this tells them that you are likely to advertise, your engagement dips or your posts are not being seen and all of the sudden an Instagram advert is necessary to achieve your goals.

Back on the sunny side, the contact feature allows followers to instantly ask you questions relating to your business and see your address, if your a bricks and mortar set up.


So should you switch? Ultimately it comes down to your specific business needs and how you use the platform, if your a restaurant, online store, clothing brand etc than it can make total sense for you to make the switch. Have a think about the positive and negative features of both accounts and decide.

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Andrew Green