How To Do Hashtags Right

#hashtag’s can be great if used well or they can be corny and take away from your content. What are they? Well they are a metadata tag that helps users search content listed under a certain category, for instance you take a picture of Bondi Beach, post to Instagram with #bondibeach your post is then immediately searchable under that tag.

They are also used to sum up the ‘essence’ of what you want to communicate with your post. For instance you may write - “flowers for those you love” and use the hashtag #flowerlove. Here is one that works…


You can also use them to encourage Instagram users to catch on, like Nike has done below…


The golden rule with hashtags in 2018 is to use a maximum number of five, if you can sum it up in one or two than go for that. Make sure you incorporate the hashtag into or at the end of your caption, don’t post it in the comment below as has been done in previous years, Instagram has changed their algorithm to support this strategy. One other tip is to change it up, the more you vary your tags the higher your engagement.

Another update from Instagram is the ability to follow a hashtag, it works the same as you would a follower, so if you find a tag you like or are sourcing content from follow it to stay up to date.

Quick recap:

  • Post 1-5 hashtags in your caption

  • Change it up regularly

  • Don’t post tags in the comment below

If you want to learn more about Instagram’s latest algorithm watch this video

Andrew Green