Frequently Asked Questions


Does this cost me anything?

Just $1, that's it! 

Why is it just $1?

We only charge $1 for the trial because we want to earn your trust.

Getting you 100 followers actually costs us almost $100 but we offer you this deal in the hope that you'll be so impressed with our work that you will continue with our fully-paid monthly subscription of 1000 followers for $899.

Do you need my Instagram account password?

Yes. Otherwise we cannot work upon your behalf. We keep your password secure, and if you choose to stop using our service we will delete all of the details we had about your account.

Can I delete my account before the end of 7th day of the trial and keep the followers?

Yes, you can cancel your account anytime before the end of the 7th day of the trial and keep your followers but we’ll be sorry to see you go :(

How do I cancel?

By emailing us using the address sent to you when we you signed up.

How much is the usual subscription?

Our monthly starter package is $899 for 1000 targeted followers. 

Do you offer other packages?

Yes. We can grow your account up to 3000 targeted followers per month. We will offer you the ability to upgrade your service after the 7-day trial