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K-GROW Helps Brand Managers & Marketers:  

♥ Operate with Certainty because we guarantee your growth results. We work until we achieve your goals

♥ Feel Safe Knowing That A Trained Person From Our Team Is Working On Your Account, Not An Automated-Bot

♥ Outpace Your Competition & Lead Your Industry

♥ Drive Web-Traffic & Increase Sales, Downloads & Sign-ups

♥ Be Taken Seriously By Customers & Stockists

♥ Work Less & Hit Your Targets In Just 30 Mins Per Month

♥ Tell Your Story To More People & Get Better ROI For Your Content

K-GROW was Born

Four years ago a client from our Instagram-only agency, Konichigram, asked us to grow their brand on Instagram. Then they said that using an automated service would put their brand at risk, so using bots was not an option.

We then trained a team of real people to do the community engagement on behalf of the client and made sure every Like and Follow was targeted. This service was so successful that we were applauded for achieving risk-free growth.

Then, last year, when Instagram forced the overnight closure of many “spammy” follower bots by threatening legal action against them, it left many brands not just unable to grow, but with brands that had been damaged.

At this moment I thought “We need to save people from getting scammed. We need to make our growth service available to more businesses.”

So we gave our service a name, K-GROW, and we offered something no one else could SAFETY, SECURITY, and ACCOUNTABILITY.

K-GROW Founder & Creative Director  — Andrew Green (Greenie) -    LinkedIn

K-GROW Founder & Creative Director — Andrew Green (Greenie) - LinkedIn


Try K-GROW Risk Free

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Try our K-GROW and in 7 days or less we'll get you 100 highly targeted followers for $1! 

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All Plans Include


Keeping Your Account Safe From Being Blocked


We adhere to Instagram's T&Cs. And all of our interactions on your behalf are natural, not programmed (the way "bots" do it) because it's a REAL PERSON doing the work for you.


No Spam Activity


We have built a proprietary system that means your account will NEVER be guilty of following someone multiple times.

And we protect all of your favorite accounts. We will NEVER unfollow accounts you love.



Accountability, Measurability, and Contact with a Personal Account Manager


We target your audience based on Gender/ Age / Location (City & Country) / Language / Interest / Personality type.

And each week your personal account manager delivers a weekly report that tracks against our promises.


Monthly Growth Packages


EU €789

Best for solo operators, makers, and artists who want to build a community around their work!


EU €1049

Suited for Small to Mid-size businesses who want to build their profile, tell their brand story to more people & to drive traffic!


EU €1299


Great for Startups & ANY Business that needs to grow fast!


Brands Trust Us

K-GROW Works!


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